Dragon fight

— Can I see me through your eyes —

What image is it that you have created for me?

— When I look into your eyes I see swirls

of mercury… tossing like waves

over my entire body, drenching me —

and I shiver… seek out the warmth

of your skin… which must radiate from the cold silver flame in your eyes

and they way you always

smell like flowers… brown sugar.

— She was strong when you were weak —

Her eyes were dry when you wept —

she made you a man — the man you are —

Now she is tired and she weeps — can you care for her?

Will you?

— Did you hear what he said about us?

Symbiotic and sickly clinging…

My God–

You are a new kind of parasite and all

you owe me is nothing you can give —

though you feed me your poison —

to make me your nourishment —

So that you may thrive and I may cry

out in my darkness, flickering candlelight

casts my writhing shadow on a wall —

from where the spectators gather to watch —

Our Battle…

Do you feel the drip in your throat —

the thudding… this is the taste, this

is the surge — of unbridled aggression.

And so begin circling one another —

heads down, eyes glaring, tails risen —

high up in the air, forked and deadly with

points sharp as daggers —

Waiting to strike — our circle grows closer

with each turn, until we are intertwined…

One now, so only one will emerge alive —


Thrashing together and apart!

Wounding and wounded, both of us —

Fire sprays in all direction around us…

and the watchers draw back — gasping —

We screech in agony and rage —

A bite on the back of the neck…

And it is done… We separate now —

You — fall dead to the ground — and so

the battlefield tastes its blood…

wallows in it… so I spit —

and walk away… In disgust —

yet exalted and gratified —

because —

It is finally over!

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