Why I Choose to Document my Life Publicly.

I have a stalker and have had for many years, despite multiple attempts to end it. My first, natural instinct is to withdraw and live in hiding as much as modern life will allow, but to to do that would be to give him all of my personal power.

Stalking is about taking power from the person with which you are obsessed through fear, intimidation, and invasion of privacy.

Therefore, by publicizing my existence through my blog, Twitter, and Facebook; I am in control of my world visibility, I am presenting myself to the public, thereby sapping surveillance of its ability to harm me. 

As an added bonus, when a former associate chose to slander me on his blog; I was able to promulgate Google and other search engines with counter information, in my own words and images, to refute the negative post and present an image of myself that I had defined.

My self-titled website, Twitter, and Facebook naturally facilitated this endeavor.

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