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”That Book by Nabakov”

This post is a rewrite of a post from my last blog that I did not repost, but now feel has a place here.

I read Vladimir Nabakov’s Lolita because I found it at the City Lights bookstore and the lyrics from The Police song, along with the societal archetype of the young (but not unreasonably young, whatever that means), forbidden seductress peaked my interest.

The title character Lolita is not the verboten temptress she has come to represent in Western culture. She is a child who is being sexualized and abused by a very grown but disturbed man. She is not, in any way, responsible for what transpires between them.

Mona Lisas and Mad Hatters — Elton John

This song is about New York, and I have never been there, but to me, there is also a deeper meaning to this song. It is that in an often cold and savage environment, it is the people with which you choose to surround yourself who insulate you from it.

“I thank the Lord for the people I have found.”


Table Mountain Yoga — Yoga with a View — Yoga for Runners

This is my second yoga video. It is a different routine from my first and is set to the backdrop of the view from our campsite at Table Mountain campground in Angeles, CA. I will be creating a second, more condensed video for those who may just want the bare bones routine.

Instead of creating a companion text walkthrough, I decided to use titles instead. I think this is better. Let me know!

Standing Outside a Broken Phone Booth (with Change in my Hand) — Primitive Radio Gods

It both saddens and gratifies me that there now live two generations of adults who have never known and will never know the agony of standing outside a broken phone booth with change in their hand.

The last working payphone I saw was in a rougher neighborhood, adjacent to mine. I tweeted about in and one of my followers said, “get out, now!”

“Life is time to teach you growing up” —

Standing Outside a Broken Phone Booth with Change in my Hand